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Lash Brow Set


The product is a two piece set consisting of the 3D Mascara in the larger container and the fibres in the smaller container. This is packed in a classy and elegant white container which is 100% recyclable. The fibres container is made of glass which will allow you to see the volume of the material left in the container.

3D Mascara has a deep rich black colour thanks to the natural mineral iron oxide, which coats evenly on your lashes, darkening them and making them more dramatic. It has an easy to use conical shape applicator with a narrow tip which is helpful in reaching even the inner corners of your eye. The applicator ensures that the lashes separate so that when the fibre is applied it adheres more evenly. 3D Mascara is enhanced with Carnauba Wax. This ensures that you need to apply a fewer layers for achieving the really smooth, defined, long, voluminous and lush eyelashes which will be the envy of all that see them.

400% enhancement with just one coat.

The fibres are made of rayon which is manufactured from purified cellulose fibres obtained from plants and leaves of green tea. In the long run this moisturises and conditions the eyelashes and ensures better quality and growth of your natural lashes.

3D Mascara and Lashe Extender are ophthalmologic tested and approved, so they are hypo allergic and safe to use on your eyes even if you wear contact lenses.


Step 1:  Complete one eye at a time. Apply mascara to lashes.

Step 2:  While still wet, apply lash fibres with a rolling motion of the brush: from the base of your eyelash line to the top of your eyelashes.

Step 3:  Re-apply mascara. For greater thickness repeat procedure.

Do not use it alone and on dry lashes.

Weight: 9g+ 9g[/one]

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